The Digital Hollywood Experience

"The Conference that Defines the Future of the Industry"


Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

3:50 PM - 5:00 PM, The Library, 3rd Floor

The Strategic Workshop: The VR-AR-360 Content & Advertising Primer

The Language & Aesthetics of VR:  The Challenge of Creating TV-Movies, Advertising & Other Experiential Programming

Eduardo Yeh, Co-Founder, CEO, Selvz

Craig Gilbert, Co-Founder and CEO, Total Cinema 360

Rodrigo Cerqueira, CEO, panoGrama

David Mullett, ‎founder, Virtualize

Chad Otis, Executive Creative Director, Smashing Ideas

Tracey McCormack, Founder & President, McCormack Media Services, Moderator


David Mullett, Founder, Virtualize: David is Founder and CEO of Virtualize. He has developed an extensive knowledge of cinematic virtual reality with over two years experience in the VR industry. His expertise spans both creative and technology to bring exceptional concepts to life with world-class VR. Most recently, his VR projects have been featured at Sundance New Frontiers 2016 and on Vice's The Creator's Project. Previously, David was a director at Ridley Scott Associates and has worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 clients over the course of his fifteen

year career in film, design, and innovation. He studied at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London and Northwestern University. He has written about VR for Dazed, Blackbook, and more, and speaks frequently about the state of the art. “By exploring the radical potential of the new VR ecosystem, we open up opportunities for unprecedented immersion, storytelling, and presence. Our mission is to invent the new virtual reality medium with visionary creative that shapes breakthrough sensory experiences and develop bleeding edge immersive content.”


Craig Gilbert, Co-Founder and CEO, Total Cinema 360:Craig Gilbert is a writer, director, and producer specializing in live-action virtual reality content. He founded Total Cinema 360 in 2013 with longtime production partner Adrian Vasquez de Velasco and has been in charge of creative development and business operations ever since. He most recently directed "The Circle of Life in 360" for The Lion King on Broadway and his previous work has been featured at international film festivals across the globe.


Rodrigo Cerqueira is the CEO of panoGrama and a pioneer in the Virtual Reality Space and has created incredible 360 and VR video content for some of the biggest brands across the globe for the past six years since commercial VR’s inception.  Having started his career as a physicist and then a technologist in the early 90s, Rodrigo’s path has been one that has cumulatively built upon each past experience and has led him to be one of the most sought-after VR production experts and problem solvers the world. Rodrigo started panoGrama (, a leading virtual reality company in 2013 in São Paulo, Brazil and is setting up shop in Los Angeles in January 2016.  With clients such as Disney, Honda, Oakley, IBM, National Geographic, his understanding of how advertisers are using VR to create deeper experiences for consumers is unparalleled.  His work has not only created some of the most creative and immersive VR consumer experiences, but has also effectively helped advertisers and agencies navigate the transition of VR, as consumers ramp up their adoption of 360 technology.  For instance, his project with IBM in sponsorship of the World Cup, demonstrates how panoGrama was able to use 360 content to effectively disrupt storytelling using traditional media.


Eduardo Yeh was co-founder/President of iPing, Inc., and co- inventor of Integrated, interactive telephone and computer network communications system, which served as the basis for iPing's time sensitive notification platform. iPing pioneered the ubiquitous notification/messaging services by marrying the Internet with PSTN.  Its highly publicized product that aimed to "humanize" notification, Mr.Wakeup drove the success of iPing, culminating with its acquisition by eCal Corporation in early 2000. After the acquisition, Mr. Yeh assisted Uproar CEO, Mr. Kenneth Cron, in the incubation of a wireless gaming joint-venture in Japan. In mid 2000, Eduardo joined the team at Innotive Inc., a South Korean company, pioneer in touch based interface authoring and development solutions. Eduardo helped establish the US subsidiary of Madhouse Inc, world's renown anime studio (Vampire Hunter D, Animatrix), and adapted Maple Story, one of the most popular free-to-play online game property by Nexon into a 25 eps anime series. From 07~09, Eduardo made a seed investment in Conatus Energia Ltda., a clean and renewable energy (wind and small hydro) development startup, worked with the founders to help them raise strategic angel financing. In 2011, Eduardo co-founded his current startup, Selvz.


Chad Otis, Executive Creative Director, Smashing Ideas: As Executive Creative Director, Chad inspires and leads the Creative Team to design the most visually appealing and user-centered experiences possible. For nearly 10 years at SI, Chad has helped created an environment where personal and professional growth go hand-in-hand, resulting in the creation of innovative and disruptive solutions for clients. As an idea-guy, Chad generates blue sky thinking that produces creative results, while solving both consumer and business needs. From best practices for user experience and internal production methodologies, to interaction and visual design tenets for desktop experience and mobile interfaces, he guides the agency towards creative solutions that produce measurable results. Chad has a BFA in Visual Communication Design from the University of Washington.


Tracey McCormack is the Founder and President of McCormack Media Services, a modern media training consultancy. Tracey has been in the business of television ad sales for twenty-five years. With experience in both buying and selling for local stations, national cable, Hispanic TV and start-up networks, she has seen the world of television from many vantage points. In addition, Ms. McCormack has been an Adjunct Professor at UCLA Extension for twenty-three years and has successfully trained thousands of today’s media professionals and received UCLA’s coveted Distinguished Instructor Award in 2014. Tracey’s expertise spans multiple traditional and modern media platforms and includes Television Ad Sales, Technology for Television, Social TV, Modern Storytelling Skills, and Personal Brand Building only to name a few.