The Digital Hollywood Experience

The Digital Hollywood Experience

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Miles Perkins, Vice President, Marketing Communications, JauntVR: Miles Perkins brings a wealth of experience to Jaunt in the fields of media communications, entertainment and emerging technologies.  Before coming to Jaunt Miles was a 23 year veteran of Lucasfilm where as Head of Corporate Communications he was responsible for the development and implementation of communications and public relations across all Lucasfilm companies globally, including Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sound and LucasArts. Prior to this role Perkins served as Director of Marketing and Communications for Industrial Light & Magic.  During his tenure he was central in developing and managing the ILM brand and possesses a deep knowledge of the creative and post-production process.  At ILM he worked on a wide range of projects including the Star Wars prequels, the Jurassic Park series, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Iron Man 1 & 2 and is credited on films such as Super 8, Rango, Star Trek, Transformers 1 & 2, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Iron Man.


Ryan Pamplin, VP, Partnerships & Sales, Meta: Ryan is a Silicon Valley titan with deep experience in startups, brand advertising, and tech development. He co-founded and led sales for BrandAds, later acquired by a leader in TV advertising. The software is now used by nearly every Fortune 100. Ryan also founded an award-winning creative agency which developed commercials, including a 2013 Super Bowl ad.


Guy Primus, founder + Chief Executive Officer, The VR Company: is the former Chief Operating Officer of Overbrook Entertainment, the film and television production company founded by actor/producer Will Smith and producer James Lassiter. He also co-founded and managed Tentpole Ventures, a seed-stage tech investment fund that focuses on consumer lifestyle companies and whose portfolio includes Pinterest, DogVacay, Fancy and Loom (acquired by Dropbox) for Smith. Prior to joining Overbrook, Guy was Director of Digital Media at Starbucks, where he co-created the popular "Pick of the Week" program. As Group Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft's MSN Entertainment, Guy earned the company an ad:Tech award for his creation of "The Scenario" for Sprite. He also served as Vice President of Strategy & Planning for Blue Flame, the marketing and advertising agency founded by Sean “Diddy” Combs. Guy is a member of the Georgia Tech Advisory Board and chairman of the advisory board of Georgia Tech’s School of Industrial Engineering, and was honored as a "Captain of Industry" by the Institute of Industrial Engineers.


Sandy Smolan, Producer/Director: Mr. Smolan is an award-winning director whose work spans features, documentaries, television, commercials and VR films   His critically acclaimed debut feature film “Rachel River," was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at The Sundance Film Festival and took awards for Best Cinematography and a Special Jury Prize for Actress Viveca Lindfors. He recently directed the VR film “The Click Effect” which previewed at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and will be launched in April by The New York Times, Vrse and Annapurna Pictures. His documentary, “The Human Face of Big Data” won the Jury Prize for Best Cinematography at the Boston International Film Festival, was just selected by the US State Department to be part of the American Film Showcase, and is being released in the spring of 2016. His television movies include "The Last Soldier" for HBO, the mini-series “Beach Girls” with Rob Lowe and Julia Ormond for Lifetime, "A Place To Be" for CBS and "Taking A Stand," an Emmy Award-winning film with Betty Buckley for ABC, for which he was also nominated for Best Director. As a television director his credits include the acclaimed pilot for the series "Middle Ages," as well as over 50 network series including “Brothers & Sisters,” “Ally Mcbeal,” "Everwood," “ED,” “The O.C.,” “Dawson’s Creek,” “Greek,” “LA LAW,” “Dangerous Minds,” “Chicago Hope” and "Northern Exposure".  In original programming for the Internet, he directed the ten-part web series “In Gayle We Trust” for and the web series “First Dance” and “First Day” for Alloy Entertainment, winner of the Advertising Age Media Vanguard Award. Smolan's documentary “12 Stones,” about the transformation of a group of illiterate women in southern Nepal won the jury prize for Best Short Documentary at the Tallahassee and Newport Beach Film Festivals. He was the recipient of a 2015 James Beard Award for his short film, “Wall of Fire”. He also produced and directed films in East Africa for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, four short films about sustainable development in India, Georgia, Peru and Rwanda and a series of films about technology, innovation and social responsibility sponsored by Intel, Microsoft, Applied Materials, BD Biosciences and Nokia. Mr. Smolan was also the associate producer of two network documentaries for CBS News; "The Cowboy, The Craftsman and The Ballerina" with Morley Safer and "Juilliard: A Life in Music", narrated by Charles Kuralt and winner of the Peabody Award. He was a featured speaker at the EG Conference in Monterey, California and The INK Conference in association with TED. Conference


Bruce Greenberg, Founder, iCinema Ventures:  A recent speaker at Digital Hollywood 2014, Bruce Greenberg has marketed and sold immersive storytelling products, technology and services in 4D, 3D, Interactive DVD and Blu-ray, and Interactive Cable Television and Home Entertainment,  most recently serving as the Senior Vice President of Studio and Filmmaker Relations for CJ 4DPlex, Korea.  Greenberg’s immersive career began with producing and directing interactive home video workouts for the same content company that began the wave with the Jane Fonda Workouts.  In the late 80's and early 90's, Bruce sold over 50 million VHS workout videos, truly beginning the interactive home entertainment business.  Then in the early 90's, Bruce helped to usher in interactive cable networks with cable broadcasting, phone and computer integration via North America's 2nd 24 hour cable news network, The Orange County Newschannel, where he was the creative director and head of on air promotions.  In the mid-90's, after winning several industry accolades for his television documentary work, Bruce was developing the value-added behind-the-scenes materials for the first 50 DVDs distributed by Hollywood's leading motion picture studios and earned the first DVD awards for his work on LA CONFIDENTIAL.   In 2011, Bruce brought together The Indianapolis 500 and 3Net (Sony, IMAX, and Discovery Channel) to produce a 3D insiders’ view of 100th Anniversary of the Indy 500.  Additionally in the past two decades, Greenberg has produced a myriad of short form marketing and advertising content to promote Hollywood’s most well-known franchises and stories for every Hollywood studio, television network, and major cable network.  Additionally, with 30 years in advertising, marketing, entertainment, journalism, and broadcasting, Greenberg's accomplishments include producing audiovisual marketing campaigns for Warner Bros., Buena Vista, Miramax, Columbia TriStar and Universal. His vibrant branding work can be seen in Warner Home Video’s 75thAnniversary Collection, The Warner Century Collection, and The AFI’s 100:100. Bruce also produced, wrote, directed and edited many of the documentaries on your favorite DVDs, as well as oversaw the execution of a variety of successful home video marketing campaigns.  Greenberg continues to stabilize studio relationships, create unique filmmaker projects, and to develop a richer future for out-of-home and location based storytelling through 4d technologies, products, and services. Currently Bruce is developing launch plans for a variety of immersive cinema, immersive technologies and immersive storytelling projects.  You can learn about these projects through updates at @4DBruceG on Twitter.



Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM - The VR - AR - Immersive Track

Session II: The Guerin C, in Herscher Hall

The Power of VR-AR: A New Language of Artistry - A Unique Moment of Commercial Possibility and Marketplace

Miles Perkins, Vice President, Marketing Communications, JauntVR

Guy Primus, co-founder + CEO, The VR Company

Aruna Inversin, VR Supervisor, Digital Domain

Dario Raciti. Director Zero Code OMD

Sandy Smolan, Film & Television Director

Ryan Pamplin, VP, Partnerships & Sales, Meta

Bruce Greenberg, Founder, iCinema Ventures, Moderator


Aruna Inversin, VR Supervisor, Digital Domain: Aruna Inversin has been with Digital Domain for 9 years, and has been working in the visual effects industry for the past 18+ years. Working all over world from Northern California, British Columbia, Australia and back to Los Angeles, his experience and expertise has contributed to his many accolades, including 2 Emmy nominations for past projects. Most currently he has been supervising cinematic storytelling experiences through virtual reality on multiple formats. Using his extensive skill set and years of experience in the visual effects world he is able venture out into the evolving world of virtual reality.  Recent projects include the VR Bjork Stonemilker experience, which debuted at the MOMA in NY, and NIKE’s Neymar Jr. Experience where ‘you’ can score a goal as Neymar Jr. in a virtual world. A revolution is coming, and Aruna is leading the way!