The Digital Hollywood Experience

The Digital Hollywood Experience

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Creative Director of ‘Lights, Camera, Action with Steven Spielberg’ – an elaborate multi-media production now running at Universal Studios, Singapore.  Starring Steven Spielberg, the show seamlessly blends elaborate multi-screen projections with spectacular pyrotechnic and visual effects to create a thrilling immersive experience that blurs the line between movies and reality.  This was his second project with Mr. Spielberg – Chris also wrote and directed ‘Motion Picture Magic with Steven Spielberg’: an immersive multi-screen presentation that took the audience on an exciting and emotional journey through the classic ‘Hero’s Journey’. This unique film was the Gateway Attraction at the opening of Universal Studios Japan.  He wrote for President Obama, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and ocean explorer Philippe Cousteau as part of two unique film experiences he scripted as the official USA shows at World Expo 2012 Korea - being the third International Expo he has created shows for: He was the Writer/Creative Director of The United States of America Pavilion at the 2006 World Expo in Nagoya, Japan – which won the Expo Category A Bronze Medal and the Co-Writer and Director of two unique 4-D film experiences that were the centerpiece of the China Mobile/China Telecom Communications Pavilion at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.  As well as winning multiple Gold Medals and Design Awards these shows also won the prestigious THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement – making it the seventh project Chris has worked on to receive this award. In the United States, working with Executive Producers Tom Hanks and Phil Hettema, Chris wrote the anchor attraction at the United States National World War Two Museum in New Orleans.  Titled ‘Beyond All Boundaries’ this 4-D experience is an immersive and emotional journey through the American experience of World War Two. Hosted by Tom Hanks, the show features the voices of Brad Pitt, Toby Maguire, Kevin Bacon, John Goodman and many other Hollywood stars.  Chris is also worked as the Main Show live-action film director for the project. Chris wrote & directed two immersive multi screen collaborations between The Ford Motor Company and The Detroit Symphony and co-wrote ‘The U505 Experience’ at MSI Chicago and ‘Saturn V: The Apollo Story’ at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center – all of which are now on permanent exhibition.  He also co-wrote and created media for the touring shows ‘Sea Monsters’ and ‘SPY’ which opened at the Tampa Bay Aquarium in Florida and The Franklin in Philadelphia. As a Creative Consultant he has created concepts for organizations as diverse as The Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, Coca-Cola, The Jewish Museum of Moscow, The United States Army Museum, The National Museum of Liverpool in the U.K, The Presidio in San Francisco and The Universal Studios Tram Tour in Hollywood.  He was also the Consulting Creative Director to ‘BollywoodLand’, an entire theme park based on the movies of Bollywood and ‘Hub Zero’ both presently under construction in Dubai. Away from the world of museums and themed entertainment, Chris was the Editor of nine feature films for studios that include Disney, Paramount Pictures, CBS Television and Viacom and has directed a series of short films for NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ and for the Oxygen channel.  He was an Associate Director of Inter-Action Theatre Productions in London, the Main Company Director of Los Angeles’ most famous comedy company ’The Groundlings’ and is the co-creator and Director of the web series ‘Fresh Hell’ starring Star Trek’s Brent Spiner.


Dan Jamele, Vice President/CTO, MediaMation, Inc. – Serving as chief systems designer of  veteran interactive technology house MediaMation, Inc., Dan Jamele is a visionary who continually designs products and technologies to advance both the science and art of show control. Exhibiting exceptional musical and technical ability at an early age, and garnering numerous prestigious awards for achievements in recording and electronic music, Dan operated his own recording studio straight out of college. His pathway into the attractions industry began as a pre-production and audio programmer for industry leader Landmark Entertainment in 1989. Frustrated with problems  he experienced in existing show control systems, Dan believed he had better solutions to various show control and audio/video tech issues. Along with spouse Alison Jamele, he co- founded MediaMation in 1991, allowing him to pioneer enhancements to the MIDI-based technology that has led to the array of new entertainment technology available from MediaMation today. These innovations  include software and hardware products such as ShowFlow®, Virtual Fountain™, VidShow™ and more,  along with  the advancement of earlier motion simulator models to the current popular, patented MX4D® Series brand. Among Jamele’s  recent innovations is the patent-pending MX4D® armrest, which allows multiple special EFX such as wind and scent  to originate from a theatre patron’s own seat, as opposed to these effects emanating from elsewhere in the theatre. The armrest is but the latest invention in a string of 4D upgrades and improvements which help the movie-goer enjoy a more uniform, realistic and immersive experience. In his spare time, Dan enjoys teaching and guiding up- and -coming "techie gurus" by providing them with the foundation to tackle technical challenges in the entertainment industry.


Sang Cho, Chief Content Officer, CJ 4DPLEX America: Sang Cho is responsible content strategy and acquisition for CJ 4DPLEX America, which operates 4DX - the world’s first 4D-technology based cinema for feature films.  Sang works closely with the major Hollywood studios, as well as filmmakers and producers, to secure content for 4DX.  4DX combines commercial films and alternative content with motion-based seating synchronized with over 20 different effects that maximizes the feeling of immersion within the movie.  Prior to his position at CJ 4Dplex America, Sang served in executive positions with CJ Entertainment & Media (CJ E&M Corp) from 2006, focusing on strategic planning and business development working on several key initiatives including: CJ’s exclusive deal to distribute Paramount and DreamWorks Animation films in Korea, the acquisition of ImaginAsian Entertainment, and the re-launch of ImaginAsian as Mnet America in 2010 and launch of KCON, the largest K-pop music and fan convention in 2012.


Jim Stewartson, CEO, Awesome Rocketship: A digital entertainment leader with 20+ years of executive experience building successful companies, platforms, and products at the intersection of media and technology, Jim founded his first VR company in 1995. Jim is currently CEO of Awesome Rocketship, a startup focused on building integrated systems for the out-of-home VR market. Previously, Jim was Executive Producer on a massive augmented reality project at Google’s Niantic Labs, CEO of Fourth Wall Studios where he won a Primetime Emmy for the company’s pioneering work in transmedia content, and founder of several companies pioneering 3D, mobile gaming, alternate reality games, and augmented reality.


Michael Tolkin is an entrepreneur, investor, and producer. He is the Founder and CEO of Ultro Labs, an innovation lab focused on immersive technology and virtual reality products in the areas of entertainment, fitness, real estate, travel, and communications. He is also the Founder and CEO of, a home design website and digital media platform. Prior to Ultro, Michael served as CEO of IMAX Labs, the innovation arm of IMAX Corporation, where he was responsible for developing new ventures in the immersive entertainment space and founded IMAXShift, a revolutionary new group fitness experience. Michael is also the Founder of NoMad Walk, a proposed new park in the heart of Manhattan, and the Tin Pan Alley Festival.


Kevin Althans, Commercial/VR Director, Reel FX: Kevin has been working as a director, DP and visual effects supervisor for 20 years, plying his trade in commercials, virtual reality experiences and features. In the course of his career he's kept his feet firmly planted on both the live action and effects sides of the industry. After getting his start shooting classical special effects and miniatures, he easily became an early adopter of digital composting and visual effects. As a visual effects supervisor and creative director, he has helmed national projects for Disney, NBC, A&E, Showtime, Katy Perry, Pink and Gatorade. As a director and DP, he has made his mark with Sony, Coors, Children’s Medical Center, Home Depot and Hasbro. His Public Service Announcement work at Reel FX includes directing for ONE Campaign. He uses this blend of experiences to interface with clients at a very high level, guiding the creative and logistics simultaneously to make sure the messages are both compelling and efficient. Kevin’s Virtual Reality experience includes: Destination: Inspiration – Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Porsche Virtual Driving Experience - Porsche, It Can Wait Driving Simulation - AT&T, GE 360 VR - General Electric, My360 with Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat - Samsung, 360 VR - Dallas Mavericks, Oculus Rift Driving Experience – JEEP, The Polyphonic Spree's 13th Annual Holiday Extravaganza VR Experience – Reel FX. Kevin hails from the rich laissez faire culture of New Orleans where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Computer Science from Loyola University.


Martin Perlmutter has worked in interactive media for over four decades. He invented an immersive display helmet in 1970 and later incorporated 3D TV in a series of science museum exhibits. He created interactive products for IBM, AT&T, HP, Pioneer, Mindscape, AOL, Looksmart and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His interactive and education work has won awards in the US, Japan and Europe. Perlmutter built long-lasting interactive exhibits at the Boston Museum of Science, Lawrence Hall of Science and New York Hall of Science. He has consulted to HBO, Sony, Xerox, AT&T, MIT, Harvard, NYU, UC, Ericsson, BT and Mass General Hospital. He has lectured at Harvard and MIT and taught at Tufts, NYU, San Francisco State and Cogswell College. His writings on new media have been widely published. He is currently working on the campaign to save Africa’s elephants, using social media to reduce demand for ivory in China. Marty’s education nonprofit, Multisensory Interactive Learning, is developing mobile math games. The first in the series, “Tangram Jam,” is available for Apple and Android devices.





Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM - The VR - AR - Immersive Track

Session I: Herscher Hall, 3rd Floor, Room 303-304

Immersive Entertainment in the Out of Home Market, Theme Park - VR-AR, Cinematic, 360 Video and More

Dan Jamele, Vice President/CTO, MediaMation

Sang Cho, Chief Content Officer, CJ 4DPLEX Am

Jim Stewartson, CEO, Awesome Rocketship

Chris Ellis, Executive Director, RGH
Kevin Althans, Commercial/VR Director, Reel FX

Michael Tolkin, Founder and CEO, Ultro Labs

Marty Perlmutter, Early VR/3D Technology Leader, Moderator


Chris Ellis is a Creative Director, Writer, Director and Editor whose award winning shows have been seen by tens of millions of people around the world.  From World Expo’s to International theme parks; from major museums to network television and new media, his work has spanned the range from comedy to intense drama and has included live stage shows as well as films, theme park experiences, brand-experiences for major corporations and spectacular immersive multi-media productions. He is presently the Director of Themed Entertainment/Senior Creative Director of RGH Themed Entertainment, an international experience design company based in Los Angeles, Dubai and Amman, Jordan.  The company holds patents in immersive film technology and inter-active interfaces and He was the Media Producer, Experience Writer and