The Digital Hollywood Experience

The Digital Hollywood Experience


Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM  – The VR - AR - Immersive Track

Session II: Ahmanson Hall, Live Webcast from this Room

Future of Film - From Cinema and Immersive Entertainment to VR/AR and Theme Parks - The Franchise Expands!

The film industry has changed significantly in recent years and is experiencing a resurgence on a global level across a wide range of platforms. From significantly improved digital sound systems to the introduction of laser projection systems and on to the creation of more immersive cinema experiences in the form of increased penetration of IMAX and premium large formats of several varieties, there are more and more reasons to get out of the house and journey to the local theater. The introduction of virtual, augmented and mixed reality into the mix has a lot of potential for both single user and group experiences.  But there is a ways to go before there is a significant user base in this market segment. Our distinguished panel is uniquely qualified to provide deep insight into the many strategies and tactics that form the basis for content development and release decisions on a global level, and in turn, release schedules, screen technologies, virtual reality and other related methodologies and technologies as we look to the future.

Guy Primus, co-founder + CEO, The VR Company

Ted Schilowitz, Futurist, 20th Century Fox and Chief Creative Officer Barco Escape

Michael Jenson, Strategy and Operations Consulting, Deloitte, Adjunct Professor USC Cinema

Christopher White, Vice President Business Development, Osterhout Group

Gene Munster, Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst, Piper Jaffray

Marty Shindler, CEO, The Shindler Perspective, Inc., Moderator

Ted Schilowitz, Futurist and VR explorer, 20th Century FOX: Ted was founding member, first employee, and integral part of the product development team at RED Digital Cinema, that has made a significant impact on the Motion Picture Industry, with many of the worlds biggest movies now being shot with these ultra high resolution digital movie cameras.  Ted currently spends his time in 2 blended worlds;  a major Hollywood movie studio and a major technology  company in the Digital Cinema projection world.  He has a studio deal at 20th Century Fox as their “Futurist”, working directly with senior leadership at the studio on the constantly evolving art and science  of advanced motion picture creation.  He advises and creates strategy on future technology and vision of cinema for the next generation of movie entertainment.  He has a unique role at Barco, the worlds marketshare leader in Digital Cinema projection, as their “CinemaVangelist” spearheading a project that is focused on the future of the cinema experience. Ted is one of the founders and creators of the G-Tech product line of advanced hard drive storage products, that are implemented worldwide for professional Television and Multimedia content creation, and are the most recognized brand in the space. Before being part of the founding teams at RED Digital Cinema and G-Tech, Ted was on the team that developed and launched the Macintosh products desktop video division of AJA Video Systems, that created the groundbreaking Kona Cards and IO boxes. These products are used on a massive scale worldwide for video production and post production at the highest levels, including some of the worlds biggest movies, TV shows and sporting events. Ted has presented on the future of technology and strategy for the media and entertainment industry in many regions of the USA, Europe, China, India, the Middle East, and the Far East.  He has consulted worldwide on the technical advances of ultra high resolution digital cinematography and future of advanced next gen. visual experiences for the movie, TV, interactive and gaming industries. Schilowitz has been featured in Wired, Variety, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, NBC, Studio Daily, Videography, Film and Video, DV magazine, TV Technology, HD Video Pro Magazine, Digital Television Magazine, Engadget, Gizmodo, Millimeter, American Cinematographer, MacWorld, Post magazine, Popular Science, LA Times and countless other trade publications and mainstream press, discussing technology advancements in his areas of passion and exploration


Guy Primus, co-founder + CEO, The VR Company: is the former Chief Operating Officer of Overbrook Entertainment, the film and television production company founded by actor/producer Will Smith and producer James Lassiter. He also co-founded and managed Tentpole Ventures, a seed-stage tech investment fund that focuses on consumer lifestyle companies and whose portfolio includes Pinterest, DogVacay, Fancy and Loom (acquired by Dropbox) for Smith. Prior to joining Overbrook, Guy was Director of Digital Media at Starbucks, where he co-created the popular "Pick of the Week" program. As Group Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft's MSN Entertainment, Guy earned the company an ad:Tech award for his creation of "The Scenario" for Sprite. He also served as Vice President of Strategy & Planning for Blue Flame, the marketing and advertising agency founded by Sean “Diddy” Combs. Guy is a member of the Georgia Tech Advisory Board and chairman of the advisory board of Georgia Tech’s School of Industrial Engineering, and was honored as a "Captain of Industry" by the Institute of Industrial Engineers.


Michael Jenson, Strategy and Operations Consulting, Deloitte, Adjunct Professor USC Cinema : Michael is a forward thinking digital strategist, accomplished media professional, and adjunct professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Through his work on both the creative and business side of digital media and entertainment, he has extensive experience and deep insights into the rapidly changing landscape of media, technology, and entertainment. In his current role in strategy and operations consulting at Deloitte, he has worked with some of the largest and most recognizable media companies in the world, while also focusing on emerging technologies including AR/VR.  As a content producer, Michael has lead the creation, production, and distribution of numerous Films, Digital series, Mobile applications and Interactive media. He is a member of the Television Academy (Emmy’s) and has produced several feature films that have premiered at festivals such as Sundance and Toronto, where they were sold for theatrical and digital distribution to players like Sony and Netflix. He has extensive project management and deal-making experience and was the Director of Digital Entertainment at Legendary Pictures, where he helped launch a digital division responsible for the digital expansion of franchise IP like Godzilla, Dark Knight, and Clash of the Titans. In addition to developing an expertise in media, Michael has been active in the technology and startup world, consulting for an early stage venture capital firm and running business development for an interactive social media platform for television backed by investors including as Google, Hearst Media, and Khosla Ventures. Prior to the acquisition of the company, Michael negotiated and executed deals with major networks including NBC, ABC, USA, and FX.  In his spare time, Michael is an adjunct professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where he teaches a class entitled, “The Entertainment Entrepreneur,” which focuses on the necessity of being entrepreneurial in the evolving landscape of content creation, digital media, and entertainment.


Christopher White, Vice President Business Development, Osterhout Group: Chris is a Vice President Business Development at Osterhout Design Group. A proven leader, Chris has a reputation for doing more with less and achieving disproportionate results compared to the competition. He specializes in driving collaboration and innovation in highly talented, cross-°©‐functional teams. Chris is recognized as a thought leader on business transformation efforts within the national security sector.Before joining the team at ODG, Chris led a national security strategic advisory firm called Talus Partners, a firm that focused on assisting new, disruptive technology companies. Additionally, from mid-°©‐2011 to 2014 Chris was the Director of Government Business Development and Sales at SpaceX. He worked on closing contract launch services with both national security and civil customers. In 2011 Chris led the pricing group for the OSP-°©‐3 indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity proposal, which yielded the award of SpaceX’s first two Air Force EELV class missions, DSCOVR and STP-°©‐2 in 2012. Chris also drove microgravity and interplanetary internal working groups to develop new products and services for future SpaceX offerings. Prior to joining SpaceX, Chris worked in both chambers of Congress on Capitol Hill; first as a Professional Staff Member on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and later as a Professional Staff Member on the Select Intelligence Oversight Panel on the House Appropriations Committee. During his five and a half years on Capitol Hill, he directly managed an appropriations oversight portfolio for defense and intelligence programs totaling over $25 billion annually and was the driving force behind business and management transformation efforts in the Intelligence Community. Chris started his professional career as a tactical intelligence officer in the United States Marine Corps, where he achieved the rank of Captain and refined his small unit leadership skills. He received his B.A. in Finance from the University of Notre Dame and his M.A in Liberal Studies for Social and Public Policy from Georgetown University.


Gene Munster is a managing director and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, specializing in Internet. He joined Piper Jaffray in 1995. Munster's Internet focus includes the US, Europe, China & Latin America. His coverage includes Google, Yahoo!, Amazon, Baidu, and MercadoLibre. In addition, Munster has covered the Digital Media space since 1995, including Apple. He has authored several key industry reports on technology and is quoted frequently in key financial and technical news journals. Munster holds a bachelor's degree in financial management and new venture strategies from the University of St. Thomas.


Marty Shindler is CEO of The Shindler Perspective, a husband & wife consulting practice with Big 4 (C of PWC) professional service firm and top 5 (Sloan @ MIT) business school credentials. The firm has worked all along the entertainment and entertainment technology value chain, and as a result, has deep insight into the inner workings of the various industry segments and the many businesses and niches that intersect with the value chain. The practice consults on business, economic, strategic and operational matters in a diverse, but interconnected set of market segments and companies in areas such as development and previs, production, post production, distribution and exhibition for movies, TV and other content across a wide range of platforms, second screens and delivery methods. Mr. Shindler's unique vision and perspective provides clients with a first-hand sense of the direction in which the industry segments are heading and the challenges and rewards that lie ahead. Speaking engagements have included a wide range of industry conferences and events representing the many industry segments where the practice has been involved. Marty Shindler's prior employment includes 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic, Kodak's Cinesite and Coopers & Lybrand (PriceWaterhouseCoopers).