The Digital Hollywood Experience

The Digital Hollywood Experience

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Natasha’s research concerns the design aesthetics of human enhancement and radical life extension, with a focus on sciences and technologies of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive and neuro sciences (NBIC). Her conceptual future human design “Primo Posthuman” has been featured in Wired, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Net Business, Teleopolis, and Village Voice. She has appeared in over twenty-four televised documentaries on the future and culture, and has exhibited media artworks at National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Brooks Memorial Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art, Women In Video, Telluride Film Festival, and United States Film Festival and recently "Evolution Haute Couture: Art and Science in the Post-Biological Age". Natasha has been the recipient of several awards: First Place Award at Brooks Memorial Museum, Special Recognition at Women in Video, and Best Graduate Student Project of 2005 for her "Futures Podcast Series: at the University of Houston, Future Studies program. Natasha is a proponent human rights and ethical means for human enhancement, and is published in Artifact, Technoetic Arts, Nanotechnology Perceptions, Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology, Death and Anti-Death. She has a bi- monthly column in Nanotechnology Now, is a Guest Editor of The Global Spiral academic journal and on the Editorial Board of International Journal of Green Nanotechnology. Natasha authored Create / Recreate: the 3rd Millennial Culture on the emerging cybernetic culture and the future of humanism and the arts and sciences. She co-authored One on One Fitness, a guide to nutrition and aerobic and anaerobic exercise for women. Her new book The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Look at Philosophy and Technology is scheduled for publishing in 2012 through Wiley-Blackwell. Natasha is Chair of Humanity+, international non-profit 501c3 organization and was the former president of Extropy Institute, networking organization Natasha continues to work with academic institutions, non-profit organizations and business about human futures. She is a Fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, and was a track advisor on Ethics, Policy & Law at the Singularity University, on the Scientific Board of Lifeboat Foundation, Visiting Scholar at 21st Century Medicine, and a consultant to IBM on the future of human performance.


Zoltan Istvan is the 2016 US Presidential candidate of the Transhumanist Party, a political organization dedicated to putting science, health, and technology at the forefront of American politics. At the age of 21, Zoltan began a solo, multi-year sailing journey around the world. His main cargo was 500 handpicked books, mostly classics. He’s explored over 100 countries—many as a journalist for the National Geographic Channel—writing, filming, and appearing in dozens of television stories, articles, and webcasts. His work has also been featured by The New York Times, BBC Radio, Business Insider, The Daily Beast, Newsweek, CNN, Fox News, RT, the Travel Channel, and in much other media. Zoltan writes futurist and transhumanist-themed blogs for The Huffington Post, Psychology Today (The Transhumanist Philosopher), and Vice’s Motherboard (Transhumanist Future). He has also written for Slate, Gizmodo, Daily Mail, Wired UK, Singularity Hub, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Outside. In addition to his award-winning coverage of the war in Kashmir, he gained worldwide attention for inventing the extreme sport of volcano boarding. Zoltan later became a director for the international conservation group WildAid, leading armed patrol units to stop the billion-dollar illegal wildlife trade in Southeast Asia. Back in America, he started various successful businesses, from real estate development to filmmaking to viticulture, joining them under ZI Ventures. He is a philosophy and religious studies graduate of Columbia University and resides in San Francisco with his two daughters and physician wife. Zoltan recently published The Transhumanist Wager, an award-winning, #1 bestselling Philosophy book describing philosopher Jethro Knights and his unwavering quest for immortality via science and technology.


David J Kelley is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Zensa, a multinational software engineering firm and Microsoft MVP winner for the last 8 years. His focus has been on cross discipline management and on being a technology strategist driving the global engineering practice around engineered digital experiences and research & development. David is a futurist that pays attention to trends in emerging technology and how they relate to business and corporate positioning in order to best take advantage of those trends.  Experience has included helping executives of billion dollar firms from Syngenta to Microsoft and executives like Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Ray Ozzie, Satya Nadella and working on high profile projects like the Nike Touch wall in New York or Entertainment Tonight. Also a professional speaker, speaking globally and regionally on topics such as UX (User Experience/Experience Focused Engineering), corporate strategy, emerging technologies and more.  Also a published author primarily in the Microsoft development topics and Artificial Intelligence.  Additionally David manages a private research project on Artificial General Intelligence and volunteers on several organizational boards related to transhumanism.


Lincoln Cannon is a technologist and philosopher, and leading advocate of technological evolution and postsecular religion. For over a decade, Lincoln has written and presented on topics at the intersection of technology and philosophy, with emphasis on Mormonism and Transhumanism. He believes technology always presents both risks and opportunities. And he envisions the ethical use of technology empowering humanity to attain unprecedented global degrees of vitality, intelligence, cooperation, and creativity. He is a founder, board member, and former president of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, the world's largest advocacy network for ethical use of technology and religion to extend human abilities. He is a founder and advisor of the Christian Transhumanist Association. He also formulated the New God Argument, a logical argument for faith in God that is popular among religious Transhumanists. Lincoln has two decades of professional experience in the business of technology. He has worked for large enterprises, including, Merit Medical, Novell, Symantec, and WordPerfect; at startups, including The World Table; and with investment firms, including the OS Fund. He is presently CEO at Thrivous and Discerner. Lincoln received formal education in business and the humanities. He holds an MBA and graduated top tier from the Marriott School of Management. He holds a degree in philosophy and graduated with honors from Brigham Young University. He is also an alumnus of the Exponential Medicine executive program at Singularity University. Lincoln is a lifelong computer programmer. He learned to code as a child before the Internet. He eventually taught himself web development, including Java and the .NET framework. And as the Internet and computers have continued to evolve, his projects have expanded to mobile web, cloud platforms, social media, and blockchain. Lincoln is married with Dorothée Vankrieckenge, a French national, and they have three bilingual children. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In his spare time, he enjoys eating out with family and friends, watching science fiction and action movies, reading and writing philosophy, debating just about anything controversial, playing board and video games, hiking and backpacking in deserts and mountains, and touring new places around the world.


Newton Lee is president of the Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships, adjunct professor at Woodbury University’s School of Media, Culture & Design, editor-in-chief of ACM Computers in Entertainment, and 2016 U.S. presidential campaign adviser for the Transhumanist Party. Previously, Lee was a computer scientist at AT&T Bell Laboratories, senior producer and engineer at The Walt Disney Company, and research staff member at the Institute for Defense Analyses. He was the founder of Disney Online Technology Forum, creator of Bell Labs’ first-ever commercial AI tool, and inventor of the world’s first annotated multimedia OPAC for the U.S. National Agricultural Library. Lee graduated Summa Cum Laude from Virginia Tech with a B.S. and M.S. degree in Computer Science, and he earned a perfect GPA from Vincennes University with an A.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and an honorary doctorate in Computer Science. He is the co-author of Disney Stories: Getting to Digital; author of the Total Information Awareness trilogy (Facebook Nation, Counterterrorism and Cybersecurity, and Google It); coauthor/editor of the Digital Da Vinci book series including Computers in Music and Computers in the Arts and Sciences; editor of the Springer International Series on Computer Entertainment and Media Technology; and editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games.



Thursday, May 5th, 2016

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Session II: Herscher Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 202

Transhumanism: Science Fiction or Reality

Dr. Natasha Vita-More, Chairman of Humanity+, and Faculty at University of Advancing Technology

Zoltan Istvan, 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidate, Transhumanist Party

David Kelley, CTO Zensa, Microsoft MVP, and TNC Chairman

Lincoln Cannon, CEO, Thrivous and Discerner, and Founder of Mormon Transhumanist Association

Newton Lee, U.S. Presidential Campaign Advisor for the Transhumanist Party, Moderator


Dr. Natasha Vita-More, Chairman of Humanity+, and Faculty at University of Advancing Technology: Natasha holds a PhD in Media Art and Design from the Planetary Collegium at the University of Plymouth; MPhil, University of Plymouth, Faculty of Technology, School of Communications, Computers and Electronics; MSc, University of Houston, Future Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities; BFA, University of Memphis, Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking; was filmmaker-in-residence, University of Colorado; and holds Certificates in Nutrition and Sports Training, American Muscle & Fitness Association.