The Digital Hollywood Experience

The Digital Hollywood Experience

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Juston Brommel, Founder, Advisor, CXO, Growth Strategist: Juston Brommel ( drives valuation, revenue, user growth, and ROI for Internet and mobile investments.  He is a highly sought-after strategic consultant to technology and media CEOs, their boards and their teams. Juston consults to Fortune 500 companies, capitalized startups, and investment funds in the technology and media sectors with a focus on Internet and mobile.  His work creates successful results across five domains: marketing, product, technology, analytics and business management. A value-driven professional, Juston’s clients say he “clear-cuts a path right to bottom-line results,” is “brilliant at bridging strategy and operations across departments.”  He has an “uncanny comprehension of the marketing and technology landscapes”, and is “always presenting attractive alternative options.” His clients have been in the business, enterprise and consumer sectors; with companies in technology, SaaS, IaaS (info), DaaS (data), software, services, mobile, media, publishing, advertising, affiliate, lead generation, gaming, travel, finance, direct response, dating, info marketing, events, subscription services, CPG and retail. He has worked on US, European, Chinese and Global initiatives.As a strategist, revenue driver, and digital growth expert, his work balances risk, reward and revenue across departments (marketing, product, technology, analytics, business management) and creates clarity between the C-level execs and the management team.


Brendan Kane, Digital Business Strategist: Brendan started his career at Lakeshore Entertainment where he oversaw all aspects of Lakeshore’s interactive media strategy.  At Lakeshore, he worked on 16 films that generated worldwide gross of $685 million dollars.  While at Lakeshore, Brendan pioneered the first ever influencer campaigns working with the likes of Ryan Higa, Lisa Nova (founder of Maker Studios) and Timothy DeLaGetto to effectively promote Lakeshore's movies. Brendan went on to build applications and platforms for celebrity clients Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Xzibit, Charles Barkley, Michael Strahan, super-model Adrianna Lima and pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler.  Brendan is known for creating an innovative application for Taylor Swift and Rihanna that can automatically turn any Facebook profile into a website in less than 60 seconds.  The applications and platforms Brendan created for his celebrity clients have been accessed by 50 million+ people worldwide. He also served as a consultant for the NHL and NFL Players Association on how to bolster their digital offering to both players and fans. In partnership with MTV, Brendan conceptualized and built an advertising technology that monetized consumer to consumer interaction within social networks.  This technology was utilized by MGM, Lionsgate, Sony, Yahoo, MTV, Rockband and Vice Magazine. Brendan is currently advising Strike Social on the company’s entertainment partnerships.  Strike Social is largest TrueView Advertising and YouTube Intelligence company. Strike Social runs over 2,500 Trueview campaigns a day for brands such as; Disney, Fox, NBC, Netflix, XBOX Linkedin and many notable fortune 100 companies. Brendan is also co-founder of Social Ink, a multi-platform technology that transforms the social experience between fans and celebrities by providing an interactive experience that allows direct fan interaction.


Narb Avedissian, CEO/Co-Founder, HaulStars - Interactive Video Technology: Narb Avedissian is a serial entrepreneur in the technology sector. Narb is currently the CEO at HaulStars, where he’s pioneered interactive video technology that makes products in videos shoppable and social. HaulStars works with major brands and publishers to help make their videos more engaging. Narb started his professional career as a transactional attorney, representing high net-worth individuals and mid-sized businesses. He papered over $200 million in deals in the entertainment and technology industries. As clients increasingly relied on Narb’s entrepreneurial and business development skills, he realized his calling and made a transition to becoming an entrepreneur full-time. In 2004, he co-founded and served as Vice President and General Counsel for Media Incentive Fund (MIF), where he created an innovative gap financing model for film and television production using the federal New Markets Tax Credits. MIF sourced several television production projects for the State of New Mexico and successfully put together a $250 million application for their Economic Development Fund. Recognizing the exponential growth potential of the internet and technology as a whole, Narb launched a celebrity-backed music discovery platform,, where he served as CEO from 2006 to 2009. Ursession was the first crowd-sourced A&R destination online that allowed artists to audition via video. Ursession artists also had the opportunity to appear on Ursession licensed radio shows, such as the Wake Up Show, to perform live with artists like Kanye West. Narb also forged strategic partnerships with YouTube, iTunes and ESPNu. Ursession also received a soundtrack credit for music contributed to Vin Diesel’s feature film “Babylon A.D.” Narb was subsequently engaged by Student of Fortune (SOF), an online tutoring marketplace. In his capacity as President, Narb helped the company with strategy, strategic partnerships and revenue. SOF experienced explosive growth in its user base and revenue. The company was acquired by Chegg, Inc. in 2011. Personally, Narb has authored and holds a portfolio of patents. He obtained his degrees, with honors, from the University of Southern California and USC Law School.


Dhruv Joshi, Chief Evangelist | Full Stack Marketer | Growth Hacker | Data Analyst, Social Rockfish: I started using my first compaq computer back in 1996 where I became fascinated by the capabilities of a CPU, with no answers to find at that age, I spent time to figure it out. I would sit on the computer for hours, my dinner went cold and before I realized, it was already the early hours of the morning. I guess things haven't changed much since. My career started when I wired up my 56k modem directly into my mother’s bedroom as it was the only phone port available. I felt like I was doing something amazing back then but as time passed, the dial up sound became annoyance, free aol internet became obsolete and broadband kicked in. I suppose this is where the real excitement started. With easier access and download speeds everything became possible. I used all commercial software as every teenager at the time: napster, limewire, key loggers, etc. This is where my passion for technology was really found. I started to learn "tricks" which would make me the “cool kid” at school. I learned how to reset school computer passwords, access emails and bypass security functions. I would say “this was my introduction to command prompt”, nevertheless I was getting acquainted with the internet and computer with all it had to offer. I understand these things are a little meaningless now, but at the time it all seemed very sophisticated. When social media came about for me it changed everything. When some people hear of social media, they think Facebook or Twitter. Some people would say AOL was the internet before the internet. It included member-created communities complete with searchable “Member Profiles,” and users were able to list details about themselves. MSN was everywhere, chat rooms became the ish for Yahoo, almost everyone was building some form of communication between strangers and peers. I took a real interest when I tried to promote affiliate websites through chat services & social platforms, it was an easy way to know I was communicating with someone other than a system bot. I used these platforms to generate affiliate traffic which then lead me to focus on search, since Google became the goto for everything. My ninja skills progressed as I utilized available tools such as site crawlers, SEnuke and custom software. Ranking for heavy keyword terms like Michael Jackson without the worry of PageRanks meant generating millions of visits became easy since affiliate traffic was achievable at low costs. Digital marketing became a playground where the boring kids get to show off :) Older business savvy individuals made a killing from this I'm sure. And I was still getting into the swing of things, driving traffic without cause or purpose. Search has become smarter, social media has become secure from efficiency and in today's world of marketing - taking shortcuts came with heavy consequences. Search penalized website rankings for keywords which were irrelevant to websites, backlink generators destroyed businesses overnight and marketers had responsibilities for their actions. This is where my career began because I got an opportunity to fix the issues almost every digital business faced. Ad platforms, analytic consoles, conversion tracking, UX optimization, data scraping, email marketing,  content and long tail keywords all contributed to my professional development as a Full Stack Marketer. I am fortunate to be in a position to work on projects “I want to work on” verses projects “I have to work on”. My extensive knowledge and ability to grow businesses is a proven skill set and working on exciting innovative projects is what drives me :) Who's heard of 15% CTR's? Me!


Georgii Speakman, LA Business Director, at the projects* – A global influence agency that breaks trends and makes the rules - Georgii Speakman is the LA Business Director at the projects*. A global influence agency that translates culture to create brand love; shift perception and influence people. We believe influence is an art and science, and take pride in our ability to affect actions and opinions. Georgii formerly worked as a Director, Business Development for IZEA – the largest influencer marketing network in the USA – home to over 250,000 + content creators across all leading social channels. The influencers that Georgii worked with included celebrities, athletes, musicians, reality TV stars, YouTubers, Viners, bloggers and more. Georgii was brought on to head up the Entertainment vertical for IZEA out of LA – her clients included studios + networks, media/PR/digital agencies, mobile apps and various start-up’s.


Barry Stamos, CEO/Co-Founder, Videoo – Reinventing Social Video Playlists: Barry Stamos is a successful entrepreneur and highly respected digital media expert. For the last 16-years, Barry has established a proven track record consulting top executives at over 100 of the Fortune 500. His expertise is accelerating growth and profits using data, analytics and technology -- mobile, social, video, display, web, email, search, iTV, and what’s coming next. Barry is the CEO & Co-founder of Videoo ( &, new technology built for brands and publishers to engage audiences in collaborative social broadcasting. Prior to starting Videoo, Barry was the Global Practice Leader of Strategy & Innovation with ACXIOM (NASDAQ: ACXM) -- a leading enterprise data, analytics and technology company. Barry was also Chief Strategist of Responsys (NASDAQ: MKTG) -- sold to Oracle in December, 2013 for $1.6 Billion.  Prior to that, Barry was the former Chief Strategy Officer & Founder of INBOX Marketing (a company he started and sold to Responsys pre-IPO in 2006). Barry is an active angel investor and advisor to start-ups.  He also is a top-rated keynote speaker for 60+ industry conferences including: ad:tech, Forrester, Data 2.0, IBM, Social Media Week, Direct Marketing Association, OMMA Global,, Internet Retailer, Gateway Analytics, Amercia’s Venture Capital Conference, and many others. Barry is a former Executive Board Member of the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association. Barry holds eBusiness Certifications from the University of Southern California, Marshall Graduate School, Bachelor of Science Degree in Integrated Marketing from Ithaca College and was a Global Scholar of International Economics & Politics at Cambridge University.

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Track II: Haas Conference Center - Room 171

Data-driven Trends in Content, Commerce & Tech - Toolkits for Growing Revenue and Users via Social, Native and Influencers

Digital is the domain to play in. Period. Social and Native ads are dominating growth - but how can you afford to compete? Influencers are trending, but does the ROI back out? Brands are evolving towards storytelling, but are the agencies just taking their money? Everyone is competing for content distribution - is it all a waste? Find out what is really working and who are the real pro’s you can count on to move the needle in 2016. Our expert panel of professionals will teach you tactics, discuss case studies, and expose you to unique social video and video commerce tools you can use to increase revenue, grow a loyal user base, and distribute your content more successfully across all channels: social, mobile, video, MCNs and influencers.

Juston Brommel, Founder, Advisor, CMTO, CSO, Free(dom) Agent, Moderator

Brendan Kane, Digital Business Strategist

Narb Avedissian, CEO/Co-Founder, HaulStars - Interactive Video Technology
Dhruv Joshi, Chief Evangelist | Full Stack Marketer | Growth Hacker | Data Analyst, Social Rockfish

Barry Stamos, CEO/Co-Founder, Videoo – Reinventing Social Video Playlists
Georgii Speakman, LA Business Director, at the projects*