The Digital Hollywood Experience

The Digital Hollywood Experience

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Allison Wood, CEO, REIFY: In 2013, Allison Wood co-created and became the CEO of REIFY, an augmented reality (AR) platform that connects your digital and physical worlds. REIFY creates multi-sensory experiences, allowing for a deeper and more meaningful connection between a brand and their audience. REIFY is a creative studio and software service that develops custom AR applications for their clients and provides them with a software platform to build their own AR content and experiences. Allison was born and raised in Princeton, NJ. She attended Mount Holyoke College where she studied sociology and art history. After graduation, she moved to NYC to work in fashion with a focus on accessories. With a desire to explore her love for design, architecture, and human interaction, Allison went on to pursue an MFA in interior design at Pratt Institute. While at Pratt, she became curious about how technology influences and shapes space, which inspired her to pursue a second MFA in digital interactive art. She went on to work for acclaimed artist Jamie Zigelbaum where she developed and produced large-scale interactive works. Allison currently resides in Manhattan with her dog, Chad.


Brian Seth Hurst, CEO The Opportunity Management Company, Inc., Managing Partner, StoryTech™: Brian Seth Hurst is CEO of The Opportunity Management Company, Inc., a strategic consultancy and cross media production company that is driving the next generation of entertainment. Referred to as “the father of cross platform”, Hurst coined the term in 1998 as MD of Convergent Media at Pittard Sullivan, where he launched TV Guide as the first ever cross platform brand.  In 2006, seeing the need for a solid production process for cross media programming, Hurst developed and launched the Rapid Cross Media Initiative to assist broadcast clients in extending their programming to audiences and communities on new platforms. The methodology established a clear workflow for the strategy, planning, budgeting and production of integrated story telling across platforms including broadband, interactive television, games, mobile, social networks and personalized media. It allows for the maximization of assets and the best in class technology vendors to “talk to each other” and be efficiently integrated into the production process. Brian's credo, “go to where your audience lives” is transforming the relationship of audiences to programming. Clients have included: Showtime, Lifetime and AOL amongst others. Hurst was on the team that developed the original user experience for TiVo and currently sits on MobiTV’s advisory board.  Brian was instrumental in the establishment of the Prime Time Emmy® for Interactive Television and spearheaded the initiative that extended Primetime Emmy® eligibility to original programming distributed via broadband. Brian served two terms as Chairman of the Producers Guild of America New Media Council (’03-’05) while simultaneously serving on the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Board of Governors. Until 2009, he was the Second Vice Chair of the Television Academy and sat on the National Board of the PGA. Recipient of a 2006 Interactive TV Today [itvt] Award for Leadership in Interactive Television, he was profiled in the April 2007 issue of Emmy® Magazine one of the 10 media executives in the business leading the industry’s digital drive, and in November of 2007 was named to the Hollywood Reporter’s PGA “Digital 50” for the second year in a row. Apart from his role as CEO of The Opportunity Management Company, Brian is also the Principal at Tim Kring's Conspiracy for Good, a global movement for change driven by a story, a legendary narrative that the audience becomes a part of and every participant has the ability to impact the outcome of this story.


Buzz Hays, Owner & Studio Chief, True Image Co.: Leading film & television industry expert in film/television/digital media production, stereoscopic 3D, high frame rate (HFR), high dynamic range (HDR/EDR), and high-resolution production and post-production. Director of Stereography for 3D film and television. Consultant in AR and VR content development. Film and video Producer/Executive Producer with considerable experience in 3D feature film and 3D television. Clients include Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. Disney, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Baz Luhrmann, Ang Lee, Barry Sonnenfeld, Sam Raimi, Robert Zemeckis, and Ridley Scott. Consultant for new technology content & hardware development. Skills include concept development, pre-visualization, writing, and directing in all media forms including standard and high-definition television, film, video, mobile, and web. Personally trained over 3,000 film and television professionals in 3D Storytelling. Consultant to many Hollywood directors, cinematographers and editors.Sought after consultant to industry analysts in the entertainment and technology sectors around the world. Technology & Media Consultant with excellent team building skills. Managed research and development group at Lucasfilm, Ltd. THX supervising over 600 projects ranging from sound systems to architectural and acoustical designs to content development for new technologies. As evangelist for the company, was responsible for finding and integrating new technologies from disparate industries into tools and proceedures useful in film production and post-production. Travelled extensively throughout Europe, Japan, and Russia implementing processes and technology solutions for film post-production. Specialties: 3D film, video, mobile/wireless production and post-production - technology research and development consulting - creative consulting - film & animation directing/producing.


Bruce Greenberg, Founder, iCinema Ventures:  A recent speaker at Digital Hollywood 2014, Bruce Greenberg has marketed and sold immersive storytelling products, technology and services in 4D, 3D, Interactive DVD and Blu-ray, and Interactive Cable Television and Home Entertainment,  most recently serving as the Senior Vice President of Studio and Filmmaker Relations for CJ 4DPlex, Korea.  Greenberg’s immersive career began with producing and directing interactive home video workouts for the same content company that began the wave with the Jane Fonda Workouts.  In the late 80's and early 90's, Bruce sold over 50 million VHS workout videos, truly beginning the interactive home entertainment business.  Then in the early 90's, Bruce helped to usher in interactive cable networks with cable broadcasting, phone and computer integration via North America's 2nd 24 hour cable news network, The Orange County Newschannel, where he was the creative director and head of on air promotions.  In the mid-90's, after winning several industry accolades for his television documentary work, Bruce was developing the value-added behind-the-scenes materials for the first 50 DVDs distributed by Hollywood's leading motion picture studios and earned the first DVD awards for his work on LA CONFIDENTIAL.   In 2011, Bruce brought together The Indianapolis 500 and 3Net (Sony, IMAX, and Discovery Channel) to produce a 3D insiders’ view of 100th Anniversary of the Indy 500.  Additionally in the past two decades, Greenberg has produced a myriad of short form marketing and advertising content to promote Hollywood’s most well-known franchises and stories for every Hollywood studio, television network, and major cable network.  Additionally, with 30 years in advertising, marketing, entertainment, journalism, and broadcasting, Greenberg's accomplishments include producing audiovisual marketing campaigns for Warner Bros., Buena Vista, Miramax, Columbia TriStar and Universal. His vibrant branding work can be seen in Warner Home Video’s 75thAnniversary Collection, The Warner Century Collection, and The AFI’s 100:100. Bruce also produced, wrote, directed and edited many of the documentaries on your favorite DVDs, as well as oversaw the execution of a variety of successful home video marketing campaigns.  Greenberg continues to stabilize studio relationships, create unique filmmaker projects, and to develop a richer future for out-of-home and location based storytelling through 4d technologies, products, and services. Currently Bruce is developing launch plans for a variety of immersive cinema, immersive technologies and immersive storytelling projects.  You can learn about these projects through updates at @4DBruceG on Twitter.

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Immersion – AR – VR – Holography – To the Next Level

Session I: Ahmanson Hall

Virtual and Augmented Reality: A Five Year Projection:  An Investment in Time and Space

Buzz Hays, Owner & Studio Chief, True Image Co

Ed Lantz, CEO, Vortex Immersive Media

Janie Fitzgerald, founder, Axis Images

Brian Seth Hurst, Chief StoryTeller and Co-Founder StoryTech, Managing Partner, StoryTech™

Matt Liszt, VP of Marketing at MasterImage 3D, Inc., member, Board of Directors, International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society

Amir Rubin, CEO Sixense, Inc

Allison Wood, CEO, REIFY

Bruce Greenberg, Founder, iCinema Ventures, Moderator


Amir Rubin, Co-Founder and CEO of Sixense, is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience building companies and developing products in the fields of simulation, video games, virtual reality and motion tracking.  Sixense is shaped around Amir’s two fundamental tenets for virtual reality: (1) to deliver the best user experience, the technology should be transparent to the user, and (2) a platform’s success depends on its ability to enable application developers.