The Digital Hollywood Experience

The Digital Hollywood Experience



Thursday, October 20th, 2016

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

ThinkTank I: Herscher Hall, 3rd Floor, Room 305

Hollywood and Cybercrimes: from Privacy to Piracy, Theft and the Dark Net

Frank Nein, President,, Moderator


Frank Nein, CEO/Founder, *9Sight2020, LLC. via * @ DC: +1 202.T1.0.CYBER & 5+ Yrs Sr. Level BAI (Addressing, Covering, Creating, Designing, Developing, R&D) on Hardcore Business Problems/Solutions & Specializing in the NextGen of Commercial, Private Enterprise/Sector *3.0 C.E.O.P. x2 (Celebrity Exploitation, Online Privacy & Protection) & *3.0 I.C.A.C x2 (Internet Crimes Against Celebrities) via AI, Actors, A/V, BlackHats Corp., Cyber Sludge & S.T.E.W, Corrupt Hacking/ers, Dark/Deep Net & Web, DEFCON Global, Drones, *3.0 I.U.G.C. (Illegal User Generated Content & Streaming) Brand, ID/IP & Media Theft, Behavioral Pattern Recognition & Usage, Reverse & Social Engineering/Logistics, Recovery/Repair & Global Social Justice for Good. *Note: Also fixed on *CEOP x4 & *ICAC x4 ( via Mobile) for 19-Yrs & Below via Kids/Minors & Youth. *Collaborating & Exclusively Joint Venturing with Orion’s Systems Inc. 'Proprietary Technologies' via DoD/Mil. U.S. USNI/U.S. AFISRA, A/V Drones & Environments. 20+ Years of Sr. Level BAI & Media Analyst, T1 Industry Consultant, Professional & Specialist via Apps, Architectural Google Grid & Infrastructure, Big Data, Brands, CCTV, CDN, Collaborative Commutations, Content Creation, Corp. Comm., Cross Platforms, Entertainment, Digital Media, Gamifaction, ISP’s IP, IPTV, Marcom, Mobile, NOC’s, R&D, Social Media, SEO, Streaming, Telecom Services & Solutions for such groups via B2B/B2C @ Alcatel-Lucent Tech., Verizon Comm’s, Lexicon Digital Comm’s. (CBS Int., CSI Miami/Greta Films & DCTV), FrameWork Interactive (TeleMed & TeleHealth), Synergy Sports Technologies (NBA/EA Sports & Mark Cuban Co.), etc. H.D. & Military Veteran @