The Digital Hollywood Experience

"The Conference that Defines the Future of the Industry"


Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

12:30 PM - 1:45 PM, The Library, 3rd Floor

The Strategic Workshop: The VR-AR-360 Content & Advertising Primer

A Workshop to Explore the Basics of VR-AR-360 Content & Advertising. Understanding the Players and the Landscape.  A look at the last 12 months and the coming year

Michael Goodman, Director, Digital Media Strategies

Jim McArthur, Chief Client Officer, Folklore

Lynn Rogoff, founder, AMERIKIDS USA
Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic llc

Dennis Adamo, Commercial Director & COO, daydream.VR

Louisa Spring, CEO, Bipolar ID, Moderator (VR for Mini USA and Nissan)

Michael Goodman, Director, Digital Media Strategies, is an accomplished analyst with nearly 20 years’ experience providing critical market intelligence and strategic direction to executives navigating an increasingly complex, connected world. Michael Goodman provides clients with strategic insight on the evolution of digital media for the Strategy Analytics Digital Media Strategies Service (DMS), which assists companies in adapting to the changes occurring in the distribution, consumption and monetization of video, music, and games. Key areas of research include OTT video, video games, advertising, and digital music.  Prior to joining Strategy Analytics, Goodman founded Nexus Research Group, a research and consulting firm focused on the intersection of technology, media, and

communications. Prior to that, Goodman was VP, Global Research Operations at Kantar Retail, where he managed retail analysts across multiple practice areas including Food, Drug, Mass, Value Discounters, Home Improvement and Digital. Goodman also, served as Senior Director, Research & Analytics at Mercury Media where he provided strategic vision, planning, and actionable recommendations for all areas of performance-based advertising. Prior to Mercury Media, Goodman spent nine years at the Yankee Group and held several positions at Nielsen Media Research (now known as The Nielsen Company).  Goodman holds a BS in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing, from Boston University.


Lynn Rogoff is in the forefront of groundbreaking multimedia content. Rogoff works as a game producer, director, writer and professor. Rogoff, founder of, AMERIKIDS USA is launching our 3D Endanger! game series for Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR)/Google Cardboard/Mobile/ PC. Now you can take action by playing our Endanger! game to end Endangered Species from extinction. Endanger! is the first 3D VR/mobile/PC game to virtually and socially find & save endangered species and their habitats. Experience their habitat loss and poachers traps from the animal’s point of view, immersing in forests and jungles, around the planet. Our mission is to engage young families in social media activism and branding while having fun with green planet issues. The GreenKids Media© Endanger! vision is on Instagram, Tumbler, Facebook, Flipboard, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. Presently, we design VR games that are both illuminating and entertaining, focusing on 36 endangered species, worldwide. AMERIKIDS USA® began GreenKids Media© to develop social media products and to design VR games for finding and saving endangered species. We focus on conservation, environmentalism and social media engagement, connecting gamers worldwide to make change. Dr .E.O Wilson and Dr. Stewart Pimm, renowned Conservation Scientists organization, Saving (, have partnered with us to enable citizen conservationists to become pro- active, globally. AMERIKIDS USA ( been in the game production business since the 1990's. We raised $1.5 million in 1996 to become the flagship product for the launch of McGraw Hill Home Interactive ( This game, Pony Express Rider ( won numerous awards ( and outstanding reviews.


Jim McArthur, Chief Client Officer, Folklore: Creating digital solutions for global brands has long been Jim McArthur’s specialty. Jim led several business units within J. Walter Thompson, as well as overseen the establishment & development of key vertical practices. Jim's professional life began as a print and broadcast journalist writing for the United States of America Department of Defense, before quickly transitioning to the "digital" arts. Between 1995 and 2006, Jim founded several digital companies focusing on Web design and development, Content Management and Hosting Infrastructure. During his decade long stint within WPP, Jim honed his creative instincts as Art Director and Creative Director, then ascended to Director of Creative Services, overseeing all creative endeavors at Digitaria (JWT's marquee digital agency). He was subsequently promoted to head of New Business Development, a quick transition because his hands-on experience made him a natural choice to explain the creative process and tech integration to prospective client partners. In 2010, Jim joined the J. Walter Thompson Executive Team, focused on growth, bringing knowledge, experience and global perspective to the agency's biggest opportunities.  Jim has been part of campaigns that have won Webby, Addy and CommArts awards for clients including: Johnson and Johnson, Ford, Mazda, Nissan, NFL, Qualcomm, & General Motors. Jim has been featured on the Hit Indian Reality TV Series: The Capgemini SuperTechies Show, and in the New York Times. Jim is a prolific speaker having headlined at SXSW (2013 & 14), CES 2015, Mobile Marketing Summit 2015, as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Enterprise Forum.


Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic: industry luminary and former, Vice President, Digital Development & Distribution, EMI Music: As Vice President of Digital Development & Distribution for EMI Music, Ted Cohen oversaw worldwide digital business development for this "big five" record company, which includes labels such as Capitol, Virgin, Angel/Blue Note, Parlophone and Chrysalis. Under Cohen's guidance, EMI has led the industry with its initiatives in new technologies and business models such as digital downloads, online music subscriptions, custom compilations, wireless services, high-definition audio and Internet radio. In addition to seeking out, evaluating and executing business opportunities for the company, Cohen serves as both a strategist and key decision-maker for EMI's global new media and anti-piracy efforts. He has worked to establish company-wide policies, which have allowed EMI's artists and labels a substantial advantage in the digital music arena. Cohen served previously as the Executive Vice President of Digital Music Network Inc., where he co-founded and served as Chairman of the Webnoize '98 & '99 conferences. He currently chairs MidemNet, an international music/technology conference convened in Cannes each year. Cohen also held senior management positions at both Warner Bros. Records and Philips Media. Additionally, Cohen lead two highly successful new media consulting operations, DMN Consulting and Consulting Adults, attracting clients such as, Microsoft, Universal Studios New Media, DreamWorks Records, Liquid Audio, Wherehouse Records/ and several other entertainment, computer and new media organizations. A 25-year industry veteran, Cohen serves on the NARAS (Grammy) Los Angeles chapter Board of Governors, the Board of Directors for the Neil Bogart Memorial Fund, Co-chairs the new media arm of the T.J. Martell Foundation, and lends his time and talents to the Grammy In The Schools Program.


Dennis Adamo – COO & Commercial Director – Corporation: As COO and Commercial Director, Dennis’ role is to define, strategize, structure, commercialize, focus on corporate and capital formation of the corporation.   Dennis is a 20 year Experienced Digital Marketing and Media Executive. Prior to VR/AR Dennis had direct experience, with almost every aspect of interactive Multi-Media and Digital Marketing, Software and IT development. Dennis has a global portfolio of experience with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. In addition, with a strong background in Management, Strategy and Financial Advisory.  Prior to co-founding, he was the Director of Digital Marketing for LG Ad in Russia. In this role he was hired to integrate Global Digital Best Practices for LG in Russia. This required a substantial effort and integration with the Seoul, Korea based HSAD and LG Electronics, HQ and Client based Global Sales and Marketing team. The results were the establishment of an on-site and off-site support team (35+ specialists) and structure to deliver top quality Website support, SEO, SEM, Retail, Social Media Marketing, Media Planning and Services Solutions. Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue. Developed brand strategy and analytical systems. Prior to that he was the Business Development Director for iCMA, a jointly developed company with iCrossing and Media Arts, also in Moscow. iCMA, was established to bridge the iCrossing portfolio of services with the Russian Market. On a daily basis, he worked with Russian and Non-Russian clients of iCrossing to deliver service offers. This included the LG services, which led to his employment.  Prior to that he was the Global Business Development Consultant for Yahoo! in Russia and CIS, for almost 5 years. In this role, he built the product, developed relations with advertising clients and media sellers, held negotiations with incumbent Search and Content Marketing companies, Investor and Partner presentations. I was acting as a Management Consultant for some of the largest Russian and Non-Russian companies operating in Digital Media in Moscow. These included Financial Services Companies, Energy Companies, Venture Capital Firms. Dennis is a founder of Pseudo Programs, Inc, Wicked Wireless LLC, Edumasters LLC., Inc., and other internal start-ups in large companies.


Louisa Spring, CEO, BIPOLAR ID: Louisa believes that Convergence is King. A native of Great Britain, she is an award-winning film producer, talent manager and entrepreneur. Ms. Spring has now set her sights on combining storytelling with virtual reality and as CEO of Bipolar ID she has found that dream combination. With Bipolar ID creating cinematic virtual reality films Ms. Spring can now combine her expertise in the worlds of television and film with virtual reality. Ms. Spring has enjoyed working with the highest levels of executives in the film and television world and collaborating as a television producer with Far Moor, (The Fall, Netflix), Barry Films, (Life) and James Spring (Colonia—Toronto International Film Festival 2016) on Morphobia a series based on dream manipulation. Louisa Spring founded Spring Management in 1999 and has represented some of the UK’s most iconic and beloved actors such as John Rhys-Davies (Lord Of The Rings, Indiana Jones), Roger Moore (James Bond, The Saint), In addition to these UK icons, Ms. Spring has represented Chris Judge (Stargate SG-1) — confirming her sci-fi and geek status in the biz.