The Digital Hollywood Experience

The Digital Hollywood Experience


and Samsung invented quadraphonic sound control within the VR environment. Subsequently, David designed and taught Cinematic VR studies at the Walter Isaacson School for New Media, and has worked with Final Draft, MMScreenwriter, and FadeIn in the creation of VR templates for cinemersive screenwriting. He is currently consulting traditional film studios, and developing a two-hour, live action VR feature film, TENRGI, and a dual-screen interactive VR series, INNERDRONE.


Nell Rutledge-Leverenz is an actor, writer, and producer.  She recently acted in the short Virtual Reality film “Girl,” her first foray into VR film.  As a member of the ensemble film company Darty Hall, Nell produced, as well as played one of the leads in the feature film, 5 Pilgrims.  She studied acting and writing at Yale and continues to write fiction and nonfiction while working in theater, film, and television in Los Angeles.  Most recently, she performed in the immersive dance theater project And The Drum, set in a poet's bungalow in Koreatown.


Friday, October 21st, 2016

Virtual Reality Production Roundtable

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM, Haas Conf. Center, Room 173

VIRTUAL CINEMA: Writing, Directing and Acting for Live Action VR

David Marlett, CEO & Founder, CINEMERSIA, Moderator

Nell Rutledgedleverenz, VR Actress, Writer and Producer


David Marlett is an award-winning cinematic VR consultant; VR film pioneer; bestselling author of historical fiction novels; experienced screenwriter; theater and film director; and mentor for storytelling across the VR, traditional film, and novel writing mediums. His upcoming book, Virtual Cinema – Directing, Acting, and Aesthetics in the Virtual World, will be published later this year. In early 2014, David shifted his primary creative attention from traditional theater and film to VR, leading him to create his Los Angeles-based VR creation company, CINEMERSIA. In 2015, working with Samsung and with the consultation of John Carmack (CTO, Oculus), he wrote, produced, and directed MansLaughter – An Experiment in Theatrical VR (available on Milk VR by searching “manslaughter”). MansLaughter, a live-action VR movie with a total run time of 50 minutes, became the world's first live-action VR feature film under the AMPAS and BAFTA definitions. To create MansLaughter, Cinemersia